A Very Friendy Christmas

One of the biggest differences between this year and last has been the significant increase in holiday parties this time around. With new friends comes invitations, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a full social calendar this holiday season.

Last night was the seasonal gathering with my work BFFs. Five of us got together for dinner and a gift exchange.

The night went something like this:

5:45-6:45: Drive around Chicago with our host, picking everyone up so no one had to drive home and so everyone could drink.

7-8 PM: Appetizers, dinner, gossip.

8-9: Champagne and gift exchange. We did Secret Santas. It’s so much fun buying gifts for friends—when you know someone as well as we know each other (you learn a few things spending eight hours a day with people in a small space for three years) you can get them something you know they’ll really love. I got my Secret Santa a Young Adult book we’d been talking about recently, plus the debut album from Mark Salling aka Puck. (We really love Glee.)

I got three books I cannot wait to read (Room, Half a Life and Matched) plus a pinecone ball necklace (an inside joke referencing my general confusion regarding pinecone balls. A question for another day. But seriously, why would someone want a ball made out of pinecone?) Another friend got a collection of princess paraphernalia for our much-anticipated royal wedding viewing party. Another got a homemade calendar, and another got earrings and a jewelry holder from her favorite store.

“Why is it so much more fun to exchange gifts with friends than with family?” one coworker asked.

“Because friends actually know you!” said another. Amen.

9-11 PM: Glee Karaoke for Wii. That’s right. My voice is shot today because I sang Don’t Stop Believin’, Somebody to Love, My Life Would Suck Without You, No Air, Imagine, Leaving on a Jet Plane, True Colors, Say a Little Prayer For You, Hate on Me, Golddigger and Don’t Rain on My Parade at top volume.

“It’s really amazing you found people just like you,” my mom said when I told her about the holiday party plan. It’s true. Have a mentioned they put a lifesize High School Musical poster in my cubicle after I got married? It’s silly, ridiculous even, but it made me laugh.

And thus began my Christmas long weekend. How do you plan on celebrating the holidays with your friends? Any great gift ideas for your BFFs? (If you’re stumped may I suggest Glee Karaoke for Wii? It’s, like, seriously amazing.)

Happy Holidays to all… I’ll be taking Christmas Eve off, so see you Monday!


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11 responses to “A Very Friendy Christmas

  1. Leslie

    I don’t understand pine cone balls either… especially the giant ones they sell at Pier 1. A necklace though? lol

  2. Lorrie Paige

    Leslie, what I don’t understand is Rachel thinking she still has to look for a BFF.

    Rachel, you remind me of the main characters in the Wizard of Oz, in wishing for something that you’ve already had from the start of your adventure. Just re-read your present & past posts….sounds like there are BFFs all in them for you to embrace! Girl, you already have close friends (or at least just a fraction of an inch closer and they’ll turn into a BFF), but as said before, we all have our own definition of friendship…..

    For me, no Christmas cards or gifts sent out to anyone, as I have no close friends like you do Rachel. No work parties, as I work at home alone. I just bought gifts for my boyfriend Jeffrey and my companion animals, and a card for my boyfriend.

    Christmas Eve, I’ll be going to see the Off-Broadway play, “The Santaland Diaries”. David Sedaris’ memoir play. I missed it last year, so thankfully, it came back again this year. 🙂

    I will be spending Christmas with my wonderful boyfriend Jeffrey and my two cats and 6 birds. We may even add to the family before the year is up by getting a kitten….


    • You’re right. I’ve been lucky in that my search has led me to some great people and true friendships. And I’m lucky to work with amazing people… It’s an ongoing adventure!

    • Suzannah

      We recently got two new cats….young cats, but not kittens….OMG!!!!…so fun, such characters….Salem and Zebracake…really enjoying them….
      I have one friendship theory that is always true!!!…Animal lovers make the MOST wonderful friends!!!!….
      Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Suzannah

    So much of what Lorrie wrote applies to myself…..I have a close friend that I feel I have over looked for a long time, becuz she is not a goofy as me!…so recently I decided to do the BFF things I want, she can just think I am silly….
    Lo and behold, she has responsed so different than expected!!!…for Christmas I suggested matching pedicures ( green with poinsettia)!!!:-)!!!…..that was so fun!!!
    Then I got us matching flower ring watches, in different colors…her favorite colors.
    I just wanted to say our friendship is unique in my life, so we match!….just for us & just for fun…

  4. Suzannah

    All my best to you, Matt, and my fellow commenters for a most blessed holiday!…
    Merry Christmas ya’ll!!!!…;-)

  5. Thanks to you, Rachel, I hosted a small party tonight for some friends and their kids – people I hope turn into much closer friends than they currently are. 🙂 I don’t comment often but I read all the time, and I really appreciate that you’ve been sharing your journey and thoughts with us! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • Thank YOU Nico for sharing this! It’s such a nice gift to hear that my search has inspired others, even the least bit. I hope your party was a great success and that the friendships continue to grow.

      Happy holidays!

  6. You’ve inspired me to go do something about my friendless situation. I’ve started looking up old friends that may have moved to an area near me and guess what I actually went out for lunch with one of them last week?

    This week is filled with family stuff so am going to continue connecting with old friends in January.

    Happy holidays.

  7. Janna

    Christmas is a bit exhausting, but fun, for me. We just spent 3 days with my husband’s family, we got home today and had our “Christmas” with just the two of us, and we have plans every night with friends for holiday stuff this week, ending New Year’s Day with another get together with my sisters! I love the holidays, but I’m always happy for a quiet January!

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