Parodies are The Sincerest Form of Flattery

You know you’ve reached cultural relevance when comedians start making fun of you. And Saturday Night Live is the mecca of mockery, yes? Which makes me think that getting parodied by a recently ousted SNL cast member gives a topic—one like, um, BFFness—even more street cred.

Imagine my excitement last week when the Internet took note of “Bestie x Bestie”, a new web series from former SNLer Jenny Slate and her comedy partner Gabe Liedman. I’m kind of in love with this video because, besides the sheer silliness, it reminds me of those laugh-at-anything-and-nothing fits that are the essence of friendship. Also, she says Merriweather.

(Click through to watch videos if you are reading in a feed or email.)

If you’re more interested in the Lorne Michaels sanctioned version of BFF hilarity, check out this Taylor Swift sketch. (Thanks for the heads up, Yamilette!) It’s not a bad re-creation of some best friends I’ve encountered in my day. (Perhaps I’ve even been one of them. But only at camp…)

Do either of these ring true for you? Isn’t it fun to laugh at ourselves sometimes? After all, it’s almost (so close!) Friday.

{If you’re having trouble seeing the videos you can watch them here and here}


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5 responses to “Parodies are The Sincerest Form of Flattery

  1. The first one cracked me up. “And I chew on bones.” Plus, his reaction to her accent/imitation is great; he just loses it.

  2. Now I know what friendship on drugs looks like. Whoa! The SNL skit was funny, and it brought to mind the changes that occur between friends when one starts to date someone new or gets married. You can only spread your time around so far, and friends tend to get the short end of the stick. It’s a dilemma that can feel really uncomfortable, so how do you successfully negotiate the new terms so that everyone feels important.

  3. Beth

    The 1st one was so hysterical. You can tell that she is genuinely cracking him up. That’s a pair of besties for you!

  4. Fanfan

    The 2nd one was more than weird.

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