When Worlds Collide

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One of the things that blows my mind when it comes to Facebook is when two people I know in entirely different contexts—one from camp, say, and another from a work project—are somehow connected. Maybe I’ll notice them in a photo together, or one will comment on the other’s wall. I can think of three times in the last month that this has happened. Every time my first reaction is “Whaaaaa???”

It’s always funny when worlds collide. I think of the different phases of my life—elementary and middle school, high school, college, camp, work—as totally separate. When they start to mix, however it is that they might meet, my mind gets all boggled. But why? If I get along with all these people, it stands to reason that they might hit it off with each other.

This happens most at weddings. The happy couple’s different worlds collect in one place, and you just never know the connections that might emerge. This weekend, on my way back to the hotel after Callie’s wedding, one of her friends from college turned to me and said “There are so many worlds colliding right now my head is about to explode!”

There are two schools of thoughts on world collision. Some people are psyched, because suddenly all the friends and family they want to spend time with are friends themselves. You get two-for-one playdates. You are a connector.

Other people feel like this:

(Click through for the short video if you’re reading in an email or a feed.)

Which one are you?


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6 responses to “When Worlds Collide

  1. I often liken such situations to the Cartoon Olympics- worlds collide, things seems a bit out of place at first, but in the end its sublime. I have made many crossover friendships at weddings… Sounds like you had a good time. I’m now at the age where most of my friends are married & I miss those summers where I had tons of weddings to go to.

  2. Beth

    I’m a total connector!

    Seinfeld never gets old.

  3. I’m a bit of both! If friends from different worlds are somehow connected, that’s great! The more the merrier! But when it comes from work, I try to keep my worlds separate. Especially with social networking now. I don’t want my fun Friday night to turn into a nightmare on Monday morning because someone posted something embarassing on Facebook that my coworker showed another coworker. So, I try to keep my professional life separate, especially with social networking.

  4. Betty

    I’ve always liked my worlds to be kept separate. My friends tend to be very eclectic with super varying interests, personalities, and temperaments, and the few times I’ve tried getting them together , it just didn’t feel right or comfortable to me. People didn’t seem to gel as a group. It’s also probably because I prefer getting together one-on-one with people anyway.

  5. I love that clip from Seinfeld! Seinfeld’s probably my favorite show of all time. It’s so quotable!

    Anyway, I wish you all the very best in your search for friends. I know how it is to want quality friends and how hard it can be to find good people.

    Keep it up,

    ~ Z ~

  6. Laura

    I just had an instance of this crop up on Facebook this weekend. I got a friend suggestion for a woman I knew from college (but wasn’t on a first name basis with) and saw a childhood friend as one of our mutual friends. Say what?! I immediately messaged the childhood friend and asked him about it. (He knows her husband from online gaming) But it was very very weird.

    On a related note, there’s this woman from my hometown who shared a somewhat parallel life—in that we grew up in the same community (but went to different high schools) and then went to the same college. It’s strange because she’s friends with my friends from two spheres—high school/hometown and college. I feel like she shouldn’t know the same people—if you’re a hometown friend, you shouldn’t know my gay bestie from college.

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