Now Casting: My New BFF

This weekend marks the end of summer for all practical purposes (don’t hate me for stating the facts). School’s back in session, the public pools are closing down, and the long sleeves are coming out.

But there’s nothing to cry about. In case Sunday night’s Emmys weren’t uplifting reminder enough, let me draw your attention to one very exciting fact: Fall TV is upon us! All hail the return of new shows.

I celebrated summer reading with my wannabe literary BFFs. Today, TV is getting the same treatment. Here, the folks I’d stitch friendship bracelets for anyday.

1)    Cameron Tucker, Modern Family. In his own words. “I’m sort of like Costco. I’m big, I’m not fancy, and I dare you not to like me.”

2)    Clarissa Darling, Clarissa Explains It All. Not only did I want to be friends with her, I wanted to to be her. A teenage journalist with wacky outfits and a BFF who climbed through the window? Yes please.

3)    Alistair, Huge. My heart breaks for the kind, misunderstood, and understatedly clever underdog in the ABC Family drama. He’s been the butt of much harassment this season, but he totally won my adoration.

4)    Ashleigh Howard, Greek. Another ABC Family favorite. Ashleigh is a fashion-forward BFF (I’m noticing a pattern: Ashleigh, Clarissa, Six. Throw in Lisa Turtle for good measure. She has always been my fave) and the surprising voice of reason to Casey’s drama queen.

5)    Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights. She’s brilliant and gorgeous, level-headed and playful, stern and supportive. We see her as a wife, mother and principal, but rarely in the role of friend. I’m quite confident she’d do just fine.

6) Ethel Mertz, I Love Lucy. She basically invented the onscreen BFF. She’s always up for a bit of trouble-making, but not so much to land you in the slammer. She’d be the pal I’d recruit on my let’s-go-on-an-adventure days.

7) Seth Cohen, The O.C. Yes, I was very much on the whole Chrismukkah bandwagon. I’m a Jew who celebrated Christmas, I could relate. (Was raised Jewish but Dad converted so we celebrated with his family. Neither here nor there…)

8 ) Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy Meredith’s a bit tortured for my liking, but Cristina has that great sarcasm. She’s the one who says aloud the bits that I would censor (and my self-censor is subpar as is). And underneath all her overachieving crazy there is a really quality friend.

9) Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother If I have to pick just one of the McClaren’s gang, I guess it’d be Robin. She’s just so normal. Except for the whole Robin Sparkles thing. Which is GENIUS. (I’d rather just be adopted by the whole group please. NPH I  love you.)

I know I missed some here… because either I never watched their shows (Rory Gilmore, Veronica Mars) or because I love the show but think the individuals are just annoying (Topanga, Kimmie Gibbler). Tell me—what TV character would you grant BFF status?

{ Some blogs I’m acquainted with are celebrating September as “The Month of Friendship.” Today, Shasta from GirlfriendCircles writes about why needing new friends is normal.)


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22 responses to “Now Casting: My New BFF

  1. Zach

    albeit a total loser in real life (and on the show), screech was a quality friend.

  2. gail

    what? nobody from friends?

    • I know! I spent a long time thinking about that one, but that’s another one where it’s more the group as a whole than a specific individual I think? If I had to choose, I’d go with Phoebe or Chandler…

  3. I have a friend who is originally from Texas. Tami Taylor actually reminds me a lot of her. Large personalities, big boisterous laughs, yet people you could curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and open your hearts until the wee hours of the night. Definitely BFF material.

  4. Oh, I love Seth Cohen! He would make a great BFF!

    I’m partial to Stanford Blach (sp?) from Sex in the City. I’ve always wanted a gay male BFF!

  5. I would add Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation. She’s always in a great mood, and is enthusiastic and optimistic. She’s been a pretty good friend to Ann thus far in the series, so she’s got BFF potential.

  6. Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Drama and ass kicking.

    Sam Seaborn from The West Wing – Cute, smart and funny. And a great writer.

    Rose Tyler from Doctor Who – loyal and adventurous.

    The Doctor from Doctor Who – He would take me to all sorts of planets, to the past and to the future. Who doesn’t want a friend that can travel in time and space.

    Temperance Brennan from Bones – A good scientific mind and atheist is hard to find.

    Amy Gardner from The West Wing – Smart, funny and a kick ass powerful lady.

    Robert Leckie from The Pacific – He’s been through it all and he’s still awesome.

  7. Becky

    Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood (is this asking for trouble?)

    Lorelai Gilmore from The Gilmore Girls (did watch the show, loved it)

    Phineus and Ferb (ok, so they are cartoons – but would make a day fun!)

    PJ from My Boys (loves the Cubs and lives here in Chicago and knows some hot guys)

    Rachel from Glee (break out in song? check! break out in dance? check!)

    Melanie Hamilton from Gone with the Wind (the ultimate best friend EVER)

    Betty from Ugly Betty (how fun would she be?)

  8. Amy

    Robin Scherbatsky! My idol!

  9. Laura

    Well, I already told you a couple of mine, but here’s the rest of my list, though some might be forgotten.

    1. Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars as she’s sarcastic, loyal and if you are murdered, she won’t rest til she puts your killer behind bars.

    2. Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls for the mile-a-minute pop culture convos. “We got us a Pippi virgin!”

    3. Willow Rosenberg from Buffy as she’s loyal and enjoys the fun wordplay and can work some scary mo-jo to kick evil behind. (On a similar note, I’d also like to be besties with Lily Aldrin so maybe I just want to be BFFs with Alyson Hanigan)

    4. Hurley from LOST as he’s sweet, funny and again loyal. He can be counted on to bring the fun when on a deserted island.

    5. Bridget from Medium, yes, she’s a child but she’s so spunky and unique that I would have LOVED to be her BFF as a kid.

    6. Rickie Vasquez from My So-Called Life because he was sweet and fun, but brave to be who he was at 15 and he put up with Rayanne’s craziness without losing it.

    7. Kurt from Glee as I need a little diva in my life.

    8. Sidney Bristow from Alias b/c after all the ass-kicking, she still prioritized girl talk with ice cream.

    9. Carol Seaver from Growing Pains b/c when I watched the show I felt I was a bit like “Carol the Brain” Seaver—the smart girl, but wishing to be one of the popular crowd.

    10. Dorothy Jane Torkelson from the Torkelsons/Almost Home b/c I was just as much of a head in the clouds romantic, pining for the guy you’ll never get as Dorothy Jane. (I’m sure most of you don’t know who this is.)

    I’m sure I forgot some.

    • Can I just second pretty much all of Laura’s list?

      Although, much as I loved Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls, from a friend perspective, I think I’d have to actually say Lane might win out.

  10. Emily

    When I was young, I sooo wanted to be Punky Brewster’s best friend. Later, it was Kelly Taylor or Donna Martin from 90210. Now, Pam from the Office.

  11. Morgan

    Ive been re-watching Daria on DVD and Jane Lane was the best BFF ever. She’d sit around and talk smack with Daria but then call her out when she was being overly judgmental. Plus she was artistic and had great style and the hot older brother Trent 🙂

    I love the whole cast of My Boys, I would love to be part of that group.

    Also count me in for any of Alyson Hanigan’s characters, Lily or Willow, I think I just find her enchanting no matter what.

    • Laura

      I almost included Daria, but she’s a little too cynical and sarcastic and didn’t think of Jane. Jane was a great BFF though.

  12. tommy

    Ok, here goes…
    Space Ghost – laser wrist bands and a spaceship!!
    Conan – he always carries SOMETHING you could open a beer with – like HIS TEETH!
    Johnny Quest – kinda like Space Ghost, but Dad (Benton C. Quest) has boats and stuff, too.
    Roger T. “Race” Bannon – well, because…OK, I really just want to be Johnny Quest.
    Kitty Pryde “Shadowcat” – can walk through walls, get into any venue free, was trained as a ninja, and has a small dragon as a pet.
    Lex Luthor – I mean, really! Talk about a Wild Ride. How much fun would it be to hang with Lex and his newest diabolical creations! And probably drinks really old, peaty Scotch, too.
    Sindey Bristow – she could do ninja moves over and through the furniture on the way to the freezer for more ice cream. Do you think she likes comic books? I mean, graphic novels. ‘Cause comic books are for like, kids. Right?
    Smoking Man – Great Scott, Man!! What kinda crazy-ass Friday-night-ride-a-UFO-across-the-border-to-Tijuana-see-Area-51-check-out-the-archives-UNDER-THE-ARCHIVES!-“wanna-see-something-scary?” BFF would that guy be!! Yeah!!
    My Wife – becasue she puts up with ‘all of the above’ and a 12-year-old in a 41-year-old’s body.
    Oh, and Doctor Strange!

  13. I’ve always loved Ethel Mertz. Such a fantastic best friend forever. I think Lexie Gray would make a great best friend as well. This was such a cute post!

  14. Lorrie Paige

    Carrie Bradshaw from SATC.

    Melissa Steadman from thirtysomething.

    Number 6 from The Prisoner.

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  16. Sadly I have to disagree with Robin Scherbatsky. She’d be a good friend in some ways, but she’s totally self-obsessed, emotionally a bit retarded, and she’s a total slut. On the plus side, though, she’s Canadian. Out of all the people on HIMYM, I would put Marshall way, way above anyone else as a BFF (much as I love NPH and Barney). With Lily I would never know if she was secretly scheming behind my back (for my own good, of course), and Ted is a closet douchebag who I can’t understand having these awesome friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show.

    Some TV people I would be BFFs with:
    Wash, Kaylee, Inara, pretty much anyone on Firefly
    CJ Cregg from West Wing
    Marshall Eriksen (above)
    Chuck from Chuck
    Foster from Lie to Me
    Sue Sylvester from Glee
    Phil Keoghan, fellow Kiwi and Amazing Race host
    Bonny from Vampire Diaries
    Willow from Buffy
    Topher from Dollhouse (he has no morals but he needs friends!)
    Deb from Dexter
    Cara Thrace from BSG
    Bonus Robot BFF: Sharon Agathon from BSG

    And those are pretty much the shows I watched last year.

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