What Happens in Vegas…

That’s right. I’m in Vegas baby! Every year my family takes a trip to what is apparently a really cool and hot city—I wouldn’t know since I never leave the casino. It seems I come from a long line of gamblers. A cab driver once joked that we would get a neon tan.

But there’s more to do in a casino than just lose win big. Like people watch. Or people meet.

If there’s any place in the world where you can make new BFFs in a snap, it’s Vegas. It might just have something to do with the bright lights and booze, but there’s nothing like a hot blackjack table to bring people together.

In prior years I’ve met people from all over the globe. Bachelorettes, honeymooners, men on business trips. There was Ira, the older gentleman who took me under his wing at the craps table. In retrospect I think  he was trying to sleep with me, but at the time I thought we were just a quirky odd couple. BFFs for sure.

I also love befriending the dealers. At the blackjack table especially, there’s plenty of time to talk and exchange life histories. And they always seem happy to chat. Or they want a tip. Tomato, tomahto.

So this go ‘round, I’m on the lookout for another visitor from Chicago. I’ll chat her up and hope that in this case, what happens in Vegas carries over to the Midwest. It’s not so unlikely.

And who knows who else I could meet? Maybe a celebrity. Or a poker pro. Or my identical hand twin! (Youtube won’t let me embed this video, sadly…)

Are there any other cities that are especially conducive to people-meeting? I’m not opposed to taking this search global.


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11 responses to “What Happens in Vegas…

  1. I love Vegas, but sadly I am not a gambler. I enjoy the shows and the great temps.

    If your loooking for socialable ppl, you should visit the midwest. Most ppl will stop and tell you their whole life story, whether you asked or not. lol

  2. Megan

    Definitely NOT Seattle. Watch out for the Seattle Freeze!

  3. katieleigh

    All the rumors about Texas being friendly are true. You should hop down here sometime, and meet Julie and me. 🙂 Enjoy Vegas – and oh, I love the identical hand twin video!

  4. I have not found Phoenix to be especially user-friendly when it comes to making friends, though I moved here for grad school which helped.

    But if you’re in Phoenix, drop me a line and we can hang out!

  5. Erin

    CRUISES!!! I’ve been on one with my family when I was in high school and one when I was a senior in college. In both cases I met tons of instant Bffs. My parents are the extreme version of over protective and they let me “go out and party” with other teens I had met on the boat (I mean its a boat where am I going?) When I was in college I went with a group of girlfriends but we quickly met other groups of people our age that we went on excursions with and other things. Each time it was amazing! We took the port out of New Orleans (bc I am from there) and of course that’s another city to make instant friends. So if you are in the mood to make some “vacation” friends I def think cruises are pretty fantastic! Now local Bffs are different since everyone is from different places, but if you can find a port near you chances are there are locals on that boat!

  6. Enjoy Sin City! The people-watching there is, indeed, exquisite.

  7. Lynda

    Hope you had a great time, Rachel. I can do my fair share of gambling (while there), too. Or, perhaps, I just love the chit-chatting with strangers, and the free drinks. So fun! 🙂

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