Ten Years Later…

This weekend I’ll be attending my 10-year high school reunion. You can imagine how excited I am for the part where former classmates say “What are you up to these days?” and I say “I’m blogging about how I have no friends!” Sweet.

But I’m actually pretty excited to return with some old pals to the place where all the magic happened.  Many of my closest friendships were forged in those halls, and it will be extra like old times since I’ll be slumber partying with the same BFF I stayed with every weekend of my teen years. (Sans husband of course. I think some of my old classmates think I made Matt up, but it’s a lot to ask for him to fly from Chicago to sit around while I reminisce about Gospel Choir. Oh, did I not mention I was one of the presidents of the Gospel Choir my senior year? Fun fact.)

I’m not so far removed from high school that I’ve lost touch with the friends that really mattered to me—anyone who stands by you during the awkward high school years is worth holding onto—but I’m pretty excited about heading back Romy-and-Michele style and checking out what’s become of some of my classmates. And given that I went to a fairly artsy fartsy school where interpretive dance was seriously encouraged, I’m very much hoping—and sort of expecting—that the evening will end something like this (if you’re reading in an email or a feed you may need to click through to watch the video):

And though I’m not too worried about any pack of mean girls, I’m including this clip too. Because armed with my BFFs and a few glasses of wine, there’s no telling what I’ll do. And it made me laugh. And it’s Friday.

Did you go to your high school reunion? Were your old friends just as you left them or did everyone change?  And are Romy and Michelle the best movie BFFs or what?


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22 responses to “Ten Years Later…

  1. My ten year was last year… and I didn’t go. So much was going on at the time. However, if I went to a school like yours? I would have gone back just for the possibility of interpretive dance! Loved Romy&Michelle 🙂

  2. Michele

    I had a great time at my 10 year reunion, way more fun than I expected. Have a fantastic time!

  3. I’m from a small town and I don’t even know if they had one. But I think I’d be torn between morbid curiosity and flat out fear to go back. High school was okay, but not really for me. It was a huge relief to be released from the confines of a small town with only one high school. It wasn’t really the kind of place you could be yourself. Pretty clique-y. Do I sound bitter? Ha. Possibly. But I’m glad you have good memories and I hope you have a blast!


  4. But what about the part when you tell them about your book deal?

  5. LOVE Romy & Michelle.
    Sigh, I feel ancient, I have my 10 year business school reunion this weekend. Alas. I went to my high school 10th as well. It was fun. Everything pales for me in contrast to my college reunions, though, which are among the most important and fun weekends of my life. This reflects, no doubt, the important role that college has played in this life!

  6. Andrea

    Have fun- I’m from a small town and M&R movie was dangerously close to my reunion! The geek-done-good, the prego mean girl (although I was secretly thrilled with the wrinkles obtained by mentioned mean girl) and the people I didn’t even recognize! I was cracking up at the mean girls who to this day, still travel in packs and don’t speak to anyone else. Quite entertaining. Make sure you make time to talk to everyone- I found that I didn’t get to catch up with everyone becuase of the loud music and herding mentality. Enjoy!

  7. Hells no I did not go to my high school reunion, nor will I ever go to a HS reunion. I do not have fond memories of HS. I grew up in the middle of nowhere and graduated in a class of 28 people. Most of which were pot-smoking, binge-drinking idiots. If you weren’t into partying, you were an athlete. Well, I didn’t fall into either classification. I was a good-two-shoes music/speech nerd. I dated a guy from a different town where I fit in much better, though, so I do have some fond memories… just not any with my classmates.

    I hope you have fun at your reunion, though!

  8. My ten-year reunion is still a year off, and I didn’t think I wanted to go to.

    But Romy and Michelle clips change everything! Now I want to go and make dance magic happen.

  9. oh geez, I am old, my 20-year was this year! I didn’t go to that, but I did go to my 10-year — mainly because I’d just gotten married and took some sort of perverse pleasure in showing up with a husband when no one in high school would date me.

    And honestly? I found it to be a total waste of time. Most of the people I wanted to reconnect with did not show up, so it was a room full of the same old people that I spent 4 years avoiding in high school. I found that not much had changed in 10 years, except that the hot football players who wouldn’t give me the time of day had gotten pudgy and were balding. Is it bad that I got a wee bit of satisfaction out of that?

    The best part of the night was running into my AP English teacher and hearing him say, “oh yeah, I remember you — you were brilliant!” That probably makes me a huge dork, hahaha.

  10. I went to my 10 year reunion 2 years ago against my will. One of my friends who I went to high school with was having her bridal shower the day after and because I was in town for that event, I was plied with copious amounts of champagne to make me go.
    It was fun. Only about 30 ish people out of the 100 I graduated with showed up. And because me and my friends were on a high from the hours of hanging out together (and the champagne) we totally dominated the party. And all the people I hated in high school didn’t show up.
    I’m glad I went. Except for the massive hangover I had at the bridal shower the next day.

  11. Ana

    High school reunion? Isn’t that what Facebook is for? I didn’t go to my 10 year, it was the same day as my sister’s wedding; not sure I would’ve flown home just for it… I am still close to a lot of my high school friends, and we see each other occasionally, a lot of them live in the same city (not my city, but together) so we can do big get-togethers if I go visit.
    I honestly do not care about the other people—though I like to hear any random gossip that gets passed along (because I love good gossip in general), I don’t get any satisfaction about hearing about bad things happening to the snobby meanie people…

  12. i went to my 10-year but not 15. (20 is on the horizon!). so many people stayed in town and still went drinkin’ every weekend that it was still really clique-y. that, and the people i was interested in seeing weren’t there. the next one will require a cross-country flight instead of a 2-hour drive, so i’m not sure that’s going to happen…

  13. Megan

    Not old enough to have had a high school reunion yet, but I’ll probably go when it comes up in a few years (if the world hasn’t ended by then since it will be post 2012!). In some ways, I’m sort of hoping that a lot has changed…then again, there’s nothing like nostalgia to bring me back to what was really great about high school!

  14. Ella

    Have a great time, sweetie! You’ll have tons of laughs with your girls.

    And yes, I love Romy and Michelle much more than I care to admit. (“Do you have a Business Woman’s Special? I’m a BUSINESS WOMAN…”)


  15. My high school class is too old for Facebook. And by that, I mean, it wasn’t around when we were in college. So, when my 10-year reunion rolled around, I hadn’t seen or spoken with about 197 of the 200 kids I graduated with. I went to my reunion with lots of skepticism and hesitation (there was a reason I was no longer in touch with these people, right?!) … and wound up having an absolute blast reconnecting with old friends.

    Now that we’re pretty much all on Facebook? I see their kids. Their weddings. Their vacations. I hear all about the ridiculously mundane (no, really, I don’t care about your broken dishwasher) to the really exciting (a classmate just published a book!) … which is all great for the here and now … but, honestly, I’m pretty meh about our upcoming 20th reunion in a couple years. Maybe I’ll change my tune by then. But as of today? I could care less about seeing most of these people in person.

    Hope you have a blast this weekend – you’re clearly way more connected to your high school friends and experiences than I ever was!

  16. Enjoy your weekend, Rachel!

    I loved high school and went to both my 5-year and 10-year reunions. (I missed my 15-year last spring because I was in the hospital giving birth. I know: excuses, excuses.) Apropos to my own hunt for a BFF, my high school friends – many of whom are still in the picture, but from a distance – set the bar pretty high for the people I met afterward. I wonder if there’s something about the crucible of adolescence that makes high school either a beloved time of life or a hated one.

  17. Have fun at your reunion! Mister’s class skipped his last year, and mine’s still a couple years away but it’ll be interesting. I went to an extremely small school (there were 35 people in my graduating class, and a lot of them were from Mexico, China & Japan) so I would say only 10 or 15 of the girls I graduated with are still in my city!

  18. I went to my 5 year a couple years ago, and everyone was EXACTLY the same. Which kind of made me feel awesome, because at least I left.

    Good luck!!

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  20. Eva

    Catching up on blogs after a long weekend, and I can’t wait to hear how the reunion went!

    I’m with Lenore. I’m from a small town and did not go to my 10-year reunion. Truly, I had no desire to go. I’ve kept in touch with a few of my close friends, and the others I guess I don’t care about. And besides, Facebook tells you everything you need to know: who is married, who has kids and how many, who has gained weight or lost their hair.

    Husband has a reunion coming up and he is looking forward to it, oddly. It’s just interesting how everyone has a different high school experience and that colors our memories.

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