My Life, Only Funnier

Every time I watch Friends, I realize there’s something in the episode that relates directly to this blog.  It’s no surprise that a quest devoted entirely to the sometimes thorny, sometimes hilarious issues of friendship might overlap with a similarly dedicated sitcom. So, just in case you feel like watching some of my blog posts acted out by much skinnier, tanner, Hollywooder people than me (and because I can’t resist this trip into new classic TV nostalgia) (and because it’s Friday, and who needs heavy BFF talk on a Friday), might I direct you to the following episodes:

The One Where Rachel Finds Out
: The question of whether men and women can be just friends was a hot-button issue last month. The ultimate consensus was no, because one is almost always in love with the other. In this case, Ross was in love with Rachel. And then Rachel was in love with Ross. And then Chandler was in love with Monica. The series finale made clear that TV men and women can’t be just pals either—66% of the friends ended up with each other—but the episode where Chandler lets slip that Ross has googly eyes for Rachel was a hilarious portrayal of a gal’s confusion when she learns her man-friend wants more.
Favorite moment:
Ross: I have to go to China.
Joey: The country?
Ross: No no, this big pile of dishes in my mom’s breakfront.

The One with the Videotape:
Even a married couple with four best friends needs couple-friends. Monica and Chandler’s first attempt at wooing another twosome goes less-than-well when they realize the phone number they were given is actually that of a deli. (Side note: Turns out Ross taped Rachel and him doing It.)
Favorite moment:
Ross: Rachel won’t talk to me! She won’t even open the door!
Phoebe: Hmm, I wonder why. Pervert!
Ross: Okay, listen I am not a pervert!
Phoebe: That’s like the pervert motto!

The One with The Tea Leaves: Wondering how to take a friendship to the next level? According to Monica, going to a friend with a problem is a surefire way to speed up the process. So when Joey and Rachel are feeling distant, she asks Joey to help with quite a conundrum: her boss is trying to steal her baby.
Favorite moment:
Mr. Zelner: If I in any way implied that I wanted to buy your baby…I am sorry. Okay? Last week when I asked you when your due date was, I certainly did not mean that I felt that I was due your baby. Yeah, I want to be very clear that I understand that its your baby, and it is not mine to purchase.
Rachel: Well, as long as we are clear about that.

The One with the Kips: If you think a friendship breakup is tough, imagine when a friend needs to separate from the whole gang. After Ross says the wrong name at his wedding, he promises not to hang out with Rachel anymore. Once she hears the news, Rachel worries she’ll get phased out (the slink away!).
Favorite Moment:
Monica: You’re not gonna be phased out!
Rachel: Well, of course I am! It’s not gonna happen to Ross! He’s your brother. He’s your old college roommate. Ugh, it was just a matter of time before someone had to leave the group. I just always assumed Phoebe would be the one to go.
Phoebe: Ehh!!
Rachel: Honey, come on! You live far away! You’re not related. You lift right out.

Tell me, have you ever watched a movie or TV show and thought “this is my life”?


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21 responses to “My Life, Only Funnier

  1. I can’t think of any TV shows or movies that seem to replicate my life … but there are plenty of shows/films where I’d love to replicate the lives of the characters. =)

  2. gail

    isn’t the first episode you mention the one with this exchange….my favorite:
    Joey: Go to China. Eat Chinese food.
    Chandler: Of course, there they just call it “food”.

  3. Beth

    How I Met Your Mother has been nailing my life the past few seasons. Love that show.


  4. Oh, the “We were on a break!” episodes … I love those. And all the ones with Tom Selleck? Those, too.

  5. No, I’ve never been able to see my life on a TV show – everyone’s apartment’s are way too big. =)

    But actually, now that I think about it, I have definitely had some Seinfeld moments. Especially living in NYC.

  6. Oh, I LOVE Friends. My husband and I have been watching our way through the series, and we JUST watched The One With the Tea Leaves. (This Joey-and-Rachel thing is KILLING me, by the way.) And yes, in every single episode there’s a situation I’ve either watched or experienced. Love it.

  7. There’s nothing better on a Friday than a post about friendship AND Friends.

    Sadly there’s not much correlation between my life and that of the good-looking Friends cast, although my high school French teacher remarked once that I reminded her of Phoebe…which I don’t think she meant as a compliment.

    • Oh, I disagree! I have a fabulous and hilarious friend who I often think of when watching Phoebe… and in the most lovable way of course. It’s her carefree and openness. And the way she says “i’m really bendy” when trying to woo Chandler…

  8. SAP

    I mostly imagine myself part of groups of friends in shows that don’t look anything like my life (or anyone’s life for that matter). And then I feel deeply nostalgic for the loss of those friendships when the shows end. It is a little sick.

  9. Brooke

    Your “married couple needing couple friends” reference reminds me of HIMYM, when Lily and Marshall make the mistake of befriending the neighbor couple and then have to hang out with them always or hide from them forever. Sometimes I like the look of a couple in our building gym, then think better of it and keep my mouth shut.

  10. Sassafrass

    Oh yes! In fact, I truly believe that I can find a “Friends” episode for every occasion. I have been tested and I have never been wrong. My favorite moment occurred at a friend’s wedding. We were getting ready with the bride and she pulled out some eyedrops that were meant to make your the whites of your eyes whiter. Yes, it was as weird as it sounds. Anyways, I am having serious issues letting someone put these drops in my eye when my friend challenges me to find my “Friends” moment in this. Almost too easy. Remember the “Friends” episode when Rachel is being such a baby about getting the eyedrops?

    Some of my favorites are:
    Phoebe: “But they don’t know that we know that they know we know. Joey, you can’t say anything!”
    Joey: “Couldn’t even if I wanted to.”

    Rachel: “And by the way, it doesn’t happen to everyone, it isn’t that common and it is a big deal!”

    Ross: “What is Chandler Bing’s job?”

    And of course:
    Mike: “Do you even know what a banana hammock is?”

    And so many more.

  11. My life sometimes resembles a PG or PG-13 version of Sex and the City. I always relate to the questions Carrie ponders in her article. I can watch those shows over and over. I can’t wait to see SATC2 this month! But I am a bit nervous that she is going to cheat on Big with Aidan… I really hope she doesn’t… Don’t get me wrong, I adore Aidan, but I’ve really come to love Big and her together.

  12. I think of Frasier Crane as my television alter ego, even though technically I’m not a middle-aged male psychiatrist. But he obsesses over everything, even when everyone tells him to just let it go. But Frasier always refuses, and he’s hilarious for it.

  13. AmyK

    My So-Called Life was pretty close to my high school experience, except that I was Brian Krackow 🙂

    I’m really digging the new show Parenthood. There was this scene where one of the couples was trying to do the fist-bump pow thing and totally messed it up, so they just did it over. Dorky yet endearing…that’s what I’m aiming for in life – since I can’t avoid the dorky, hopefully I’m at least endearing along with it!

  14. JenD

    Oh no doubt: my life could be one long Seinfeld episode…at least I can laugh at it all!

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  16. I love this, because Friends is my favorite show ever. So true. 🙂

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  18. Laura

    I’ve been rewatching Friends (up to season 5, au revoir Emily), and I see some of the Friends’ dilemmas in life, though not as much because I don’t have guy friends like them. This is the first time I’ve ever watched the series from the beginning, in order, since the shows originally aired. An unrelated friendship point, when I first watched Friends, I crushed on Ross, but by the end of the series he was fairly annoying. Now, I’m much more smitten with Chandler and his growth into a mature man. Aww.

    However, I do think a prereq for BFFdom is the ability to answer this question: What name is on the address label of Joey and Chandler’s TV Guide? (Miss Chanandler Bong) 🙂

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