Famous Friendships: Neil Patrick Harris and The Max

When I decided to start this blog, my coworker suggested I highlight some famous friendships every now and then. So I’ve decided to start with the celebrity I would most want as my own BFF: Neil Patrick Harris.

You probably know that NPH is awesome. He’s awesome as Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother’s legendary womanizer; he’s awesome at the Oscars and the Emmys and the Tonys; he’s super-awesome on talk shows, and in all things Harold and Kumar and on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and he certainly will be awesome on Glee. In fact he’s so awesome that I would be perfectly happy making this an all NPH, all the time blog.

What you probably don’t know (but my friend Kari found out) is the awesomest thing about NPH: His very best friend is…. Ed Alonzo. As in Max. As in The Max, the magician-slash-owner of the totally rockin’ hangout of the Saved By the Bell gang.

Apparently NPH and The Max (I’m sorry, I know his name is Ed but he’ll always be The Max to me) have been BFF since NPH’s Doogie Howser days and bonded over, obviously, magic. Because clearly on top of being an actor and singer and modern-day awards show staple, NPH also majored in pulling rabbits out of hats or whatever much fancier thing magicians do these days.

This pairing is so perfect. I can just see it: Two late 80’s/early ‘90s TV icons (yes, the man behind The Max gets icon status) getting together, cutting some woman in half while they throw back a beer and bash Screech. I’m so jealous. It only adds to how much I wish NPH were my (and only my) BFF.

If you could befriend one celebrity – or anyone, really – who would it be?


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12 responses to “Famous Friendships: Neil Patrick Harris and The Max

  1. Callie

    I would have to say Kristen Bell- but only as her Veronica Mars character. Who wouldn’t want a pretty, cool, fearless, private investigator for a BFF?

    • Nate

      I would have to say Danny DeVito, on the basis that we both look particularly good in skinny jeans (see IASIP season 4) and since we are of comparable size, I would be doubling my wardrobe. If it’s an all time selection, I might choose Andre the Giant, as the big/little contrast would add instant humor to any situation. You know, sort of like the movie Twins….which by the way, starred Danny Devito. Okay, it’s settled, he’s my choice.

  2. Lande

    Jenny Lewis aka Hannah Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills, now also lead singer of Rilo kiley, she seems like a cool friend. George Clooney, Liev schreiber and of course Richard Gere would also be my friends…with benefits!

  3. fallyn smith

    ellen…hands down.

  4. -alison

    Ina Garten. In my mind, we already are BFFs.

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  6. Laura

    Jennifer Garner. I feel like we would be BFFs. She seems genuine and down-to-earth. The kind of BFF that will listen in wide-eyed response to my latest crisis and go for mani-pedi-cosmo night. (If she can get a sitter, that is.) Though, I could end up with a crush on her husband, but I’d never flirt with my BFF’s husband.

  7. Tia

    My celebrity Male BFF crush would be Paul Newman. He just looked to be an entire gentleman with a wealth of knowledge. My celebrity Female BFF would be Sandra Bullock.

  8. Lorrie Paige

    No question:

    Elton John

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  10. Sandra Bullock because I think you’d spend a large portion of your time laughing.

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