Befriending the Fashion Police

Yesterday I flew to LA for work. For the Oscars. I know, who do I think I am? I’m not actually going to the ceremony, but being in Hollywood the weekend of the Academy Awards is like being in the Super Bowl host city the weekend of the big game. You can feel the excited energy, and if you can’t feel that you can certainly feel the tourists shoving you out of the way as they take pictures with the golden statuettes lining the street.

My Oscar experience started before I even left Chicago when I spotted Joan Rivers at my gate in O’Hare. The Queen Mother of the fashion police was on my flight! Let me tell you, I wasn’t even wearing my glasses—translation:  I was blind—and even I could see how plastic she looked. Amazing.

Two hours into the flight I had to use the restroom but I was sitting in the first row of coach and the soda cart was blocking the aisle. Even though I know it poses some threat to security that I don’t entirely understand, I was granted permission to use the very glamorous first class bathroom. The toilet is not made of gold as it turns out, but waiting for the fancypants restroom meant I got to stare at Joan. I tried to use my peripherals, as my husband always reminds me when I gawk at people, but I saw enough to see that she was reading – of course—The House of Versace. Again, amazing.

I love seeing what other people are reading. In the world of friend-making, I think “How are you liking that book?” is akin to Joey’s “How you doin’?” Are there any other potential-BFF pick-up lines that invite conversation without being totally privacy-invading? If so, please share.

Just the other day I was reading The Space Between Us at the salon and the woman next to me started talking about how she’d read it too, and what did I think? We began chatting, recommending titles, discussing favorites and not-so-favorites. And even though she asked me if non-fiction was the true or made up one, I thought she was great.  She was probably in her mid-to-late 40s and was there with her 16-year-old daughter, so she didn’t really seem to be in the market for a new BFF. Still, it was good practice in talking to strangers. In my past life I would have told her I was enjoying it and buried my head back in the book—“I’m reading, leave me alone!”—but I definitely think my search will eventually lead me to Barnes & Nobles to approach a girl reading a book I loved. I’ll ask her how she likes it, we’ll gab about Harry Potter and The Help, exchange numbers, and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, I haven’t read the House of Versace. I had no BFF in with Joanie. So no gossiping about Donatella or what she’ll be wearing on the red carpet or if she and Melissa really get along. But still, we’ll always have O’Hare.


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